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Quotes of successful and influential

“"Bitcoin" is better than real money ”

Bill Gates (creator of Microsoft)

“Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement and an opportunity to create something that is not duplicated in the digital world and is of great value”

Eric Schmidt (Chairman of the Board of Google)

“Blockchain technology will seriously change our life”

Dmitry Medvedev (Prime Minister of the Russian Federation)

“Crypto currency is a step towards the future organization of the world economy”

Angela Merkel (Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany)

“My fastest knockout is 30 seconds. Bitcoin is faster than me. His transactions take place within 20 seconds”

Mike Tyson(the boxer-professional, the owner of the bitcoin-purse service "Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM")

“Investing in bitcoin, many consider risky. However, I believe that the biggest risk is not to take any risks. In the world, everything changes very quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not to risk”

Mark Zuckerberg (creator and owner of the social network Facebook)

“The fact that the bitcoin algorithm can replace the functions of the government ... in fact should please. I'm a big fan of bitcoin”

Al Gore (45th Vice President of the United States)

“The worst thing that you can do is not try”

Linda Raschke (entrepreneur)

“If a person does not like his job, but works for money, he can hardly earn a lot”

Charles Schwab (American industrial magnate)

“Do more with what results. And less than what does not bring”

Dennis Hartman (publicist)

“If you make a mistake - react to it immediately”

Stanley Druckenmiller (one of the most successful asset managers on Wall Street)

“You must respect the market to ensure the preservation of capital, but you can not win if you are afraid to lose. Fear will not allow you to make the right decisions”

Howard Seidler (American trader)

“Education helps to earn a living, self-education - to earn a fortune”

Jim Ron (American writer, business coach)

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